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CAPA LAW, Liverpool and Wirral, are now able to offer our clients a simple Will or Mirror Will writing service.

Why make a Will?

Your Will lets your loved ones know exactly how you wish your assets and possessions (known as your estate) to be distributed after you die. If you do not leave a Will, your assets and possessions will be distributed in accordance with the rules of Intestacy.


Leaving a Will means you decide:-

Who manages your estate;

Who cares for your minor children;

Who benefits from your will and who does not;

When your loved ones benefit;


Leaving a Will also means less stress and worry for your loved ones during what is likely to be a very difficult and emotional time.

If you do not leave a Will, your estate will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy. This can have serious consequences, if for example, you are in a long term relationship but neither married or in a civil partnership. The distribution rules may result in someone you'd never intended, inheriting your estate excluding those closest to you. In some cases failing to leave a will, can result in your estate passing to the Crown.

If you have been putting off making a Will and would like to discuss your our Will writing service please contact CAPA LAW Solicitors on 0151 662 0345 or email,

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