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Incidents involving aggressive dogs or other animals are traumatic and can lead to injuries such as permanent scarring, fractures and psychological injuries as well as more serious life changing injuries and sometimes, sadly, fatalities.


If you or a loved one suffers injury as a result of a dog bite or other injury caused by an animal, then it may be possible to bring a claim for compensation against the owner or keeper of the animal. 


The law on this issue is complex and is governed by the Animals Act 1971 and or Negligence.


There are a number of defences to such claims and it is therefore important that you receive the correct Professional advice as soon as possible. At CAPA LAW Solicitors, we have experience of handling claims for all types of injuries caused by animals and can anticipate the possible defences that may be applied in response to your claim.


Together we will discuss the circumstances of the incident, consider the likelihood of success and provide our Professional advice at the earliest opportunity. CAPA LAW Solicitors will carry out any necessary investigations, liaising with insurers, experts and Legal Counsel. We will arrange medical examinations with appropriate Medical Experts depending on the nature of the injuries sustained. Such matters may include reporting on permanent scarring, scar revision and camouflage; orthopaedic injuries; psychological injuries; serious injuries and fatalities.

Based in Liverpool and Wirral, CAPA LAW Solicitors offer a No win, No Fee service to all of our clients. Every claim will be handled by a Qualified Solicitor at Partner level.


If you would like further information or discuss making an Animal Injury claim please contact CAPA LAW Solicitors on 0151 662 0345 or email,

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