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Often referred to as Public Liability claims, ‘Public Liability’ typically means any accident arising other than at a Place of Work or as a result of a Road Traffic Accident and can give rise to a claim resulting in compensation.


You may have been injured in a Public Place such as on a pavement, park or playground. You could have suffered injury when attending an event such as a concert, wedding, a fairground or amusement park.  An injury in business premises such as shops, bars, restaurants or cinemas may also give rise to a claim. A claim may also arise from the failure to maintain and repair a rental property. Similarly, private homeowners may prove liable for accidents occurring on their premises and manufacturers may be liable for any faulty work or products.


And it’s not just slips, trip or falls. Any injury arising from the negligence of another can result in a successful claim.

It may be your child who has been injured in a Public Place, perhaps at school or college. There are many circumstances in which your child may be hurt, for example, failure to maintain a playground or park; poorly maintained or faulty rides and equipment; poor equipment design; poor or inadequate supervision or by using or consuming faulty products. In certain circumstances, it is possible for you as a parent or guardian to bring a claim on behalf of your injured child. 


Over the years, our lawyers have successfully won claims not just for slips, trips and falls but for negligent construction/maintenance work, hazardous public areas, food poisoning and dog bites. 


As Personal Injury Specialists, CAPA LAW Solicitors will discuss, with you, in detail the circumstances of your accident or that of your child's to assess the strength of your claim and the possible defence likely to be raised in response. We will carry out any necessary investigations and direct your claim to the appropriate defendant.

CAPA LAW Solicitors are based in Wirral and Liverpool. All claims are accepted on a No Win, No Fee basis and will be dealt with by a qualified Solicitor at Partner level. So, if you have had a slip, trip or fall or been injured in a Public Place and wish to make a claim or if you are unsure if you can make a claim, please contact CAPA LAW Solicitors on 0151 662 0345 or email,

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