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Road Accidents do not exclusively involve motor vehicles. Cyclists and Pedestrians, particularly children, are the most vulnerable of all road users. There are a great number of Road Accidents involving both Cyclists and Pedestrians. 


The obvious lack of protection against vehicular collisions means that Cyclists and Pedestrians can suffer very serious injuries and, in some cases, those injuries are fatal.


The incident itself is likely to have been extremely traumatic.


If you are in employment, you may be incapacitated for some time. You may become reliant upon the care and assistance of family members. As a parent of a child injured in a Pedestrian Road Accident, we understand just how devastating it is to see your child in distress. You will have concerns regarding your child’s future and you may have required leave of absence from your employer to care for your child.


The issue of fault may not be clear cut. At CAPA LAW Solicitors, we have experience of all types of Pedestrian and Cyclist Road Accidents. We will, through Witness evidence, Police reports and Site Inspections, analyse all of the evidence to help determine the party or parties to blame for your accident. Even if you are considered partly to blame, that does not prevent you from bringing a claim for compensation and CAPA LAW Solicitors will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.


CAPA LAW Solicitors are committed to providing excellent client service and will assign a qualified Solicitor at Partner level to your claim regardless of the severity of the accident or the value of your claim. We work closely with reliable Experts, Medical and Legal, to ensure that every consideration is given to your claim.

CAPA LAW Solicitors are specialist Personal Injury Solicitors based in Liverpool and Wirral. All claims are accepted on a No Win No Fee basis so you do not need to worry about funding.


If you are a Cyclist and have been injured by another road user or a Pedestrian and injured whilst crossing a road, CAPA LAW Solicitors can help. Contact CAPA LAW Solicitors on 0151 662 0345 or email,

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