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Medical or Clinical Negligence is when a health care provider fails to provide care consistent with the expected standards of their profession. This may result in substandard care and a failure to discharge a duty of care to a patient. Although infrequent, the effects of medical negligence can be life changing.  


Examples of Medical Negligence could be misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment or surgical error. Such errors may cause either a new injury or worsen a pre-existing condition.


Proving Medical Negligence is not without difficulties. The process starts with finding the right lawyer to help. At CAPA LAW Solicitors, we are passionate about the work we do and are determined to help make a difference.


CAPA LAW Solicitors will take a detailed statement from you before considering medical records held by the care provider. Working with specialised experts we will obtain a liability report to determine whether the health care provider has provided substandard care and if so whether your condition or injury arises from the substandard care.


This is often just the first step in what can be a very long process. At CAPA LAW Solicitors, we will help guide you through the claims process to enable you to make informed decisions about your claim. CAPA LAW Solicitors work collaboratively with specialist experts and barristers ensuring that you receive the very best in quality advice and client service throughout the duration of your claim.


CAPA LAW Solicitors, Liverpool and Wirral offer a No Win, No Fee arrangement to all of our clients and every claim is dealt with at Partner level.


If you believe that you have received Negligent Medical treatment or you are unsure whether the treatment you received was negligent, then CAPA LAW Solicitors can help. Call CAPA LAW Solicitors on 0151 662 0345 or email

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