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Although Qualified Legal Professionals are highly trained and adhere to strict guidelines set out by their Governing bodies, on occasion, things can go wrong resulting in mistakes in the conduct of your Personal Injury Claim.

Sometimes, Legal Professionals simply make mistakes; they may provide poor advice or a Personal Injury claim may be placed with an inexperienced, unqualified file handler.  

Whilst not true of all mistakes made, regrettably, some mistakes and/or poor advice can impact financially on your Personal Injury claim or in some cases prevent you from pursuing your claim any further.

If you have relied upon poor advice or a mistake was made with your case, then CAPA LAW Solicitors may be able to help you pursue a claim against your former advisors.

There are a number of errors that may cause difficulty in continuing to pursue your Personal Injury claim. Those errors may involve your advisor missing key dates or Court Orders; failing to comply with procedural issues, failing to properly investigate your claim or making an error of judgment. 

As specialised Personal Injury Solicitors, at CAPA LAW, we understand the mechanics of your Personal Injury claim and how a claim ought to be pursued. We will undertake a full file review, assess the advice you received and the action or inaction taken on your behalf to determine the likelihood of successfully claiming compensation for Professional Negligence.

CAPA LAW Solicitors, Liverpool and Wirral, offer all our clients No Win No Fee funding and every claim is placed with a qualified Solicitor at Partner level. If you think you have received Negligent advice or a Legal Professional has made a mistake with your claim, contact CAPA LAW Solicitors on 0151 662 0345 or email,


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